I do not love my job and that’s okay.

Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life.

Or so I thought. I grew up thinking that I am only getting a job I am passionate about. I thought I do not want to waste my precious years being in a place that does not spark joy.

But, you see, here I am.

For my librarian friends, let me clarify: I do not hate being a librarian. In hindsight, my love for books, learning, history, and stalking research since childhood makes librarianship – specifically school librarianship – the perfect job for me. I cannot express the peace and contentment I feel when I am surrounded with books (which also makes me a perfect bookstore owner). And I was in the perfect job until I transferred.

Found this tucked in a book returned by a student way back when I was still at a public school.

I dislike, though, my current job, because everything is far from my ideal version of librarianship.

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) said it is a mistake to only do a job we are passionate about. Many times, we have to do something we dislike, even loathe, because it is what enables us to follow our passions. That job we hate is what allows us to do the things we love.

So, I am still here because this job pays the bills. It pays for my books. It pays for this domain. It pays for my professionally unrelated lessons and trainings. It pays for my travels. It paid for Taylor’s cardigan. I hate it, but I am still thankful for it, because it finances my various passions. That is why I’m okay with being in a job I don’t love, because this job is my means to do what I love. This is so much better than not having anything. To be honest, this is so much better than the job I had before, the job I loved, but which limited my capacity to follow my other passions.

I really hate it when people ignore rules.

Of course, I find bits and pieces in this job that make things better, more tolerable. I love the process of creating resources. I love reading manuscripts. I love helping our writers improve their stories. I love learning how to use different applications. I love it when clients find what they need. I love the friendships I made in it. It is not totally deplorable.

That I found my husband here also gives it bonus points.

I still have my heart on working for a specific agency whose mission and ideals resonate with me. (Human Rights Victims Memorial Commission Library Librarian IV Cutie!) But right now, I am just thankful that I have a job.

After all, where I am at is where I am supposed to be.

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