Reading in Infancy Boosts Literacy – Study

If you are still looking for a sign to start reading books to your child, this is it.

According to Carolyn Cates, PhD, lead author of the study that involved 250 pairs of mothers and their babies, findings suggest that reading to children as early as infancy gives a boost on their language, literacy and early reading skills.

“What they’re learning when you read with them as infants,” Cates said, “still has an effect four years later when they’re about to begin elementary school.”

This is the finding of “Early Reading Matters: Longterm Impacts of Shared Bookreading with Infants and Toddlers on Language and Literacy Outcomes,” which was presented at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco last May 8.

This is indeed exciting news for us reading advocates slash new moms. My 10-month-old has just recently started to be interested in actually flipping pages (not just drooling on them). I have already bought a few books for our personal collection, and I have more in the school library. This gives me further motivation to try and engage her in reading, even if she just wants to tear off the paper for now.

How about you, mom? Do your kids love reading? How did you make them love to read? Share it in the comments below!

Happy National Children’s Book Month!

Thanks to Natasha Hall @ideanaire for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

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