A Very Short Short Story

While as a Catholic I don’t subscribe to the law of attraction, I sometimes think I manifested my daughter. I remember being younger and daydreaming of living in our little fairy tale cottage. In those daydreams, I and my little girl would be in matching red gingham aprons. We would be baking lemon blueberry muffins. I remember the scent of lemons filling my nostrils. That’s the dream.

Many, many years passed and I was pregnant. One dawn, before our second ultrasound, I found myself staring at my sleeping husband. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful. I felt at that moment that I could be staring at our child. I thought I would be the happiest mother if our child had his face. That’s the thought.

Then, I gave birth to a girl and she looks like her father.

And I am the happiest mother indeed.

One response to “A Very Short Short Story”

  1. passionfortruths Avatar

    Happy for you… and at a spiritual level, we have all agreed to be family members. There’s much planning in the Spirit World, I opine. 🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻


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